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Curriculum Vitae of Kazekobo

name: Yoko Hatta
address: 3-6-29-110 Shimoochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
date of birth: 1948, Tairen in China, and grew up in Tokyo
education & training

1965-1966 Ochanomizu Institute of Art & Design, drawing and watercolour painting.
1966-1967 Suidobata Institute of Art & Design, drawing, watercolour painting and basic design.
1968-1971 Musashino University of Art & Design, Set Design.


1968-1970 Window Dressing.

Nomura Kougei Co. Ltd & other department stores.
1970-1972 Theatre Set design assistant.

'Atelier Caos' , which specialises in theatrical illusions, produced sets for the theatre group-'Haiyuza', 'Hyokkori Hyotanjima' (a popular puppet show on N.H.K), and others.
1973 Assistant Knit Designer. Clothes production at Harajuku, Tokyo. (the 'Mansion Makers' fashion trend).
1973-1985 Self-employed knitwear production. Sold through boutiques in Harajuku (Tokyo) and Kyoto.
1983, 84, 86 Knitwear design consultant. Nakayama & Co. Ltd.
1984 Product Control Instructor Developed hand knitting skills of local knitters in Puno, Peru. (Nakayama & Co. Ltd. )
1999- present, Knitting Design Regular knitwear design collections for the 'Heart of the Andes' brand, Hokueitusho Co.Ltd.
1971- present, Freelance knitting design Supplying designs to publishers (see below), all major yarn companies, fashion magazines, stage costumes, costumes for advertising companies.

Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd, Ondori Co. Ltd, Gakushukenkyu Co. Ltd, Fujinseikatu Co. Ltd, Fujingaho Co. Ltd, Bunkashuppankyoku Co. Ltd, Shufunotomo Co. Ltd, Shufutoseikatu Co. Ltd, Kamakurashobo Co. Ltd, N.H.K Publication Co. Ltd, Kodansha Co. Ltd, Shueisha Co. Ltd, and others.

yarn companies  

Hamanaka Co. Ltd, Daiakeito Co. Ltd, Clover Co. Ltd, Puppy Co. Ltd, Kajii Cotton Manufacture Company, Shilverseiko Co. Ltd, and others.


(one-man dedicated issues)

1984 'Kazekobo no Knit' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
1986, 1987 'Kazekobo no Knit' by Gakushukenkyu Co. Ltd.
1989 'Kazekobo no Knitwear for Men' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd & Fujinseikatu Co. Ltd.
1993 'Uruwashi no Lace' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
1994 'Bara no Knitting' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
1995 'Sweet Crochet' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
1999 'Kagibarideamu watashi no Komono' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
2000 'Kazekobo no Knit' by Ondori Co. Ltd.
2000 'Motif ameta' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd. (shared with.......)
2001 'Kazekobo no Stylish Knit' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
2006 'Kazekobo no Crocet Lace' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
2007 'Kazekobo no chiisana Crochet Lace" by Nihon Vogue.Co. Ltd

(magazines regularly carrying her designs)

'Keitodama', 'Amu', 'Zaza', 'Sekainoamimono' by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd.
'Teamidaisuki' by Fujinseikatsusha
'Best Eye's Collection' by Hamanaka Co. Ltd.
'Miman', 'Samantha' by Bunkashuppan Co. Ltd.
'Osharekobo' by N.H.K Publication Co. Ltd.
'Madam', 'Dress making' by Kamakurasyobo Co. Ltd.
'Itobochie More' by Silver Seiko Co. Ltd.
'Zipper' by Shoden Co. Ltd
'A-Girl' by Gakushukenkyu Co. Ltd

television appearances

'Fujinhyakka', 'Osharekobo' on N.H.K - Educational channel
'Yumekobo' on N.H.K
'TV Champion'- guest judge, on Tokyo Television


1994 'My Crochet' at Senbikiya Gallery, Tokyo


'Asahi Culture Centre' in Fujisawa city. (24 week course, repeated onthree occasions)
'N.H.K Culture Centre'- short course, crochet lace.
Others- many 'One day knitting workshops'

lectures Many slide lectures throughout Japan organized by Nihon Vogue Co. Ltd., Daiakeito Co. Ltd., Yuzawaya Co. Ltd, and others.

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